Bumble and Bumble Gels and Gelacs have finally arrived at Morgan Ashley!


Well, life is just full of wonderful surprises for us lately. We are thinking it must be baby season for the Morgan Ashley Staff! We are very proud to announce that Morgan, Alison and Amber are all pregnant with their first babies and we are all so excited we get to share this adventure with them. Their due dates range from November through December, so we will keep you posted!


The mere mention of "snow" in Alabama sends the public into a frenzy. Everyone rushes out to the store to buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. You know we've all done it before at some point! It's really comical how big a deal snow can be in the South, but there's definitely no denying how beautiful it is! We hope you enjoy the photos.


As most of you are aware, Morgan Ashley Studio Salon is an exclusive Bumble and Bumble Salon Being able to go to Bumble and Bumble University is such an incredible opportunity and we make it a top priority for our Stylists to go as often as possible. This past week Emily (Bumble Salon Educator), Shelley (Salon Coordinator), and Morgan were at Bumble in New York getting extensive training in order to offer our Salon the most current sought after services. We are now anticipating their returning and can not wait for them to share their knowledge with us!


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