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The Morgan Ashley team has been busy lately!  Amber had her sweet baby Nolan;  Evan gets married next weekend; Alison's baby Hollis has his first birthday Sunday. We had our first annual"BLOWOUT Cancer" Event yesterday; Tonight is the Arthritis Foundation's "BONE BASH" which we are attending and support our sweet Kayla; Monday we have our day at the lovelady center where we will cut hair for the women there.  Ok, do you think we are just a little busy?

I just want to say that it is a great honor to know all the ladies on the Morgan Ashley team.  I don't think you could go anywhere and find so many quality people.  They are so dear to me!  Thank you all for what you give and how you serve and support other.  I love you all!

all photos are by the marvelous joanna (in the purple)

Love you girlies!!


 This month is official Breast Cancer Awareness month.  In honor of that, we are going to have an event at the salon to raise money and awareness for the Lori Johnson Foundation.  The event will be a ton of fun.  On October the 27th (wednesday) we will have complementary blow-outs(styles) to offer clients.  In return we are asking our clients to donate to this wonderful cause. 

We are always asking ourselves what we can do to give back.  I know that I talk to people all the time that want to give, but they do not know how.  We just thought this would be a fun,simple and effective way to give and remember others. 

Call the salon at 205.995.2480 to book for the BLOWOUT CANCER event. 

Cooler Weather: BETTER HAIR

So, as we are FINALLY getting cooler weather(except for this weekend, whats with that?), I am feeling the inspiration of fresh colors.  Ok, a quick exercise: categorize yourself into one of these areas and then get ready for the craving of a new color for your locks. blonde, dark blonde, red, brunette.
Now choose your favorite look from pictures below.... and make sure if you a leaning towards something cool toned you have the skin and eyes for it(blue or blue-green are best with really cool tones), and if you have warm features(brown, hazel or green eyes, freckles, etc) go with warm tones like reds and chestnut browns.  If you have a mixture of features, warm and cool, then get a friend to help by holding blues and silvers(cool tones) and oranges and golds (warm tones) see which works best for you.

All of these colors could be slight changes, or more dramatic(like a blonde to brunette or vice versa).  Check out the trends.  Blondes are getting more beige on the top rather than underneath.  Brunettes are keeping the dark super shiny with a color gloss and then adding a slight caramel accent color from underneath.  This creates interest without the hair looking too crazy.  Natural looks are very in.  Each one of these colors makes me want to color my hair just like theirs....HOWEVER, I will not except for maybe the redhead Isla Fischer.  I can't stray too far from red :) And personally, I do not think that people look better when you can tell their color is fake.  It just looks fake and you cannot see the person if the hair is too loud--thats just a little of my opinion though. Anyways, here are a few of my absolute favorite color trends:  HAPPY FALL!


(photo courtesy of Joanna Balentine for Morgan Ashley Studio Salon).

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