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This summer try a side braid!  It is a fun way for long hair to be a little different.  Pull hair over to side opposite your part, then braid it over your shoulder.  Tie it off with a ponytail holder, then for a messy look, pull on different parts of the braid.  It is fun and undone.  A really fun look would be to wear this fun side braid along with this little get-up from's a sure win!!
I do love this model's long even bob many options!!


This weekend we get to celebrate the marriage of the beautiful and talented Miss Joanna. She joined our team all the way from Arizona! She is full of talent too!

Next weekend we get to celebrate the marriage of our precious Emily. She does so much for our team and is a truly wonderful person to know!

It is so fun to get to be a part of this huge life event with one another. It just makes life so enjoyable! Congratulations girls!!!

This Week at Morgan Ashley

This week at the salon we have a few highlights:

*Monday- Shower for Emily who is gettin hitched in a couple of weeks!!!
*Tuesday- Lunch and learn with a new color that is "green" and ammonia free... translated this means that it is good for the environment and your head.

*Wednesday- Old Hollywood Glam hair- this is the current trend in formal hairstyles. (Pics are coming soon from the class). All of the styles were fabulous! Thank you beautiful models! You know who you are!

*And last but not least...our current shoe obsession:

Hi, my name is Morgan

So, I want to thank Jessica for maintaining the Morgan Ashley website and BLOG. She has been wonderful. I (Morgan) will actually be blogging on behalf of the salon now. I hope I can do as good of a job as the talented Jessica :)

I want to give a little salon history, and really kind of "put myself out there." I started Morgan Ashley Studio Salon in 2005. It was actually April 1, 2005. (April fools day). I worked at a little location of 1100 square feet, the decor was shabby chic from top to bottom, and I started it all by my lonesome. I remember thinking that day that I was excited, but really wasn't sure what in the world I was getting myself into. I turned 22 the December before, and I really felt God put the whole idea of a salon business in my heart. You see, my heart of hearts was to be on the mission field in another country,but God had other ideas. I followed Him, even though at the time I believe I was looked at as crazy. I did know that I could trust Him, because He has always been faithful.

I worked a full year doing hair by myself. There were many days when I felt really lonely and honestly I was discouraged. BUT, right around the year mark of owning the salon a lovely lady came to visit and "check the place out." Her name was Alison (love you Ali). She started with me that July after she moved back to Birmingham from Florida. So, we officially had two hairstylists. That was a fun year. A slow, but steady, year filled with great conversations and more and more new clients.

2007 rolled around, and Alison and I were working hard. Then came along a couple more girls. We had our first official receptionist (Crystal) and another stylist (Kim). We were growing, and trying to figure out how to operate such a large salon...(kidding). Then one night I went up to the salon to pray and ask the Lord what to do. My lease would expire in about 9 months, and I didn't know if I was supposed to resign or start looking at new spaces or even if I was supposed to close the doors and trust that He had me in that season for a reason. So, the next day, fateful as it was, Evan(a good friend from church) brought Shelley to the salon. Long story short, I adopted Evan, Amy, Emily, Siham, Melissa, Laura, Paula, and Jessica as new stylists in a matter of 3 weeks. So, I guess my prayer as to what to do was answered. Since

Since I adopted the new crew, we have moved to a 2700 square foot location and have 10 stations, 14 stylists, a salon manager, front desk manager, receptionist, and 3 techs. It is now May, 2010. I am taking on a role of instructor/manager in the salon instead of taking appointments. God has been so faithful to provide such amazing employees and clients. I am seriously overjoyed when I think of all of the wonderful people that He has brought into my life through way of Morgan Ashley Studio Salon. I am excited to see the months and years to come. Cheers!


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