Glamour Magazine Photo Shoot

    We have been so privileged to do hair for the October 2010 Real Stories in Glamour Magazine.  The shoot was Tuesday(7/27), and it was seriously the hottest day of the year.  The piece is on two of Natalie Holloway's closest friends.  They are really precious girls.  The past couple of years the girls have really changed their lives to be able to make a difference in others' lives.  They both feel called to become counselors for drug and alcohol abuse.  These two girls are very special, and it was so much fun working with them and their natural beauty.
   On the hair side of things, the day was intensely humid, and both girls had natural curl.  So... taming the frizz was key.  Bb Straight and Thickening Spray were the products of choice.  After smoothing it out, it was curled with a curling iron.  One of the girls had rougher waves, and the other more ringlet.  I had Bb Brilliantine on hand to lather into the ends as the humidity tried to unravel the hair.  It was so much fun to work on a shoot.  The photographers, Mark and Sarah, were so great.  They did an excellent job, and they are married ...and worked flawlessly with one another.  It was really sweet.  Then there was Rachel, the clothes stylist, and she was so talented.  She literally chose some of the cutest clothes ever seen!  This fall's fashion is so beautiful.  A great blend of masculine and feminine.  I love it!  Then there was Celine. She did the makeup.  She is so talented as well. Natural looks on two natural beauties.  When I say the crew was exceptional, I really mean it!  I am so thankful to be a part of this real story shoot.  It was a fun experience.  Check out some of the other Real stories, they are so inspiring.   Please check out the October 2010 edition of Glamour!  WE DID THE HAIR!!  Woop woop :)

Fall Preview

The 3 postings below are links to some beautiful hair possibilities for fall.  There is sort of an undone look that is very appealing for this fall.  If you notice, only one of the three doesn't have flyaways.  It gives a natural feel.  And, it is fairly easy to do!

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Back and Inspired

We are back from our salon-wide vacation!  We are rested and inspired!  We also have an amazing special going on.  IT'S THE FAB FOUR. When you purchase 2 of the four, you get a FREE travel size Creme de Coco Shampoo AND Conditioner!! That is a great deal!!!!
    So, the products enlisted in the FAB FOUR are...

Grooming cream (AKA: "magic" cream)
Surf Spray (AKA: "perfect beach hair with volume" spray)
Styling Lotions (AKA: "never have damaged long hair again" spray)
Styling Cream(AKA: "voluminous, perfect blow-out" cream). 

I am telling you, these products are the best!!  Come by and play with some at our interactive station. Someone can prescribe the best cocktail for your hair. 

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!


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