How To: FIsh Tail Braiding

Wow! Today is the last day of 2010! Can you believe it? I'm sure you have your new years resolution in order ready to take charge starting tomorrow! Here at the salon we have our own personal goals, which i hope will benefit you, us, and our community.

One of my favorite things about New Years Eve is the getting ready part! I love all the festive looks that are in this year. This week we bring you a how to that can be used for a casual afternoon in or, mixed in with a cocktail dress for tonight! 
Our wonderful Beth after:

Hope that made sense to you, please let us know if we need to further explain. This is a tricky one to write down..But hope this helps and hope it inspires you!

Happy New Year!

Salon Xmas Party!

Last night we had our salon party! Our wonderful Shelley hosted all of us in her beautifully decorated home! Full with amazing drinks and food, we played dirty santa and had a lot of laughs. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!

How To: Holiday Special- Up Do's

Happy Friday everybody! Christmas is right around the corner! Literally! and with that comes Christmas parties! Oh how I love Christmas Parties... So for this weeks How To we are doing two different Holiday hair up do's. One for the more fancier put together girl, and another for a messy sassy chic type of girl.
The first one is the more put together up do, Kayla our receptionist is our model today, all you need is a little rubber band and you might want to check out the Teasing how to down below, because teasing is necessary in both of these.
This second one is what I like to call sweet and sexy. The messy up do/bun that takes 2 seconds and is still cute with a holiday dress and fun earrings. Emily is a stylist here and was awesome enough to let us use her hair.
The Results
This look is great for hair that has dimension in the color
So there you have it ladies, you got two different looks that you can feel free to make your own! Try it and let me know if it works for you! Hope it inspires you to spice up your holiday hair!

how to: Teasing

It surprises me to know how many of our clients don't know how to tease their own hair...Without teasing life would be a waste. Just kidding, life wouldn't be a waste, but it would be close to it. Flat hair is MISERABLE. Flat hair is a jerk. Flat hair is not pretty. Flat hair is rude. But teasing...oh my sweet teasing...teasing is a little white lie kinda. Teasing is a sweet little trick that can help those with thin hair/or a small head. (But please don't take advantage of Teasing, Snookie did, and look where it got her) 
Anyways, If you've always wanted to know the tricks of teasing, here is a little tutorial we put up for this week's How to!
What you'll need: VERY IMPORTANT- A Fine tooth comb. Flat hair. and Lot's of hairspray.
The steps
The Beautiful Megan and the results! Thank you Megan for letting us use your hair!

have a wonderful weekend :)

How to:

Sometimes during the holiday season people seem to struggle on simple things, like curling your hair. For holiday parties it's fun to dress up and spice up your look, so here is little reference on how to spice up your curl for short hair! 

What you'll need:
3/4 of an inch to 1 inch in diameter of a curling iron and Hairspray. Our Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray is nothing short of perfect for this hair do.
Molly is our model for today, here are the steps:
The beautiful Molly in the end!

Hope that inspires you to spice up your hair just a bit more this season!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Not too busy to look friendly for the holidays

Since it is Christmastime again, we know that there will be many family get-togethers, office parties, church services and shopping.  So, since no one wants to look like a frump in the midst of having to do a gabillion things, here are a few little ideas to help you not only have an attitude in the spirit of Christmas and giving, but when people look at you they will see a delightful sight as well :)  Ok, let's start with the hair(since that is our specialty).

1. A good rule of thumb always blow dry your hair and use some sort of product and styling tool on it.  You can go anywhere from there. You can flat iron and shine spray it, or curl and hairspray.  This just gives you something to work with.  Once it is styled, you can sweep it into a side braid or half-up using bobby pins for your errands...then for a dressier look tease the hair in the crown and let hair down.

2. Accessorize and add lips.  Throw on some earrings and a belt and a CUTE big bag is as easy as Target, then throw on some brighter lips(check out heidi's) (This is for your errand-running)

3.  Bring a nice cardigan and a good pair of dressy shoes to exchange with your flats/boots that you wore for your errands.Then you can throw on some pumps and cardigan for the party. This could work nicely with a great pair of dark straight legged jeans!


Holiday hair tutorial

This holiday season give yourself a treat and do your own hair. A duo that looks like you got it at the salon but really only took a few minutes. A soft messy romantic side shingon with a cute holiday dress is sure to impress the guest!

Step 1

Using a round brush, blow-dry hair smooth and straight, focusing on the top sections.

Step 2

Once dry, use a large-barrel curling iron to create waves from the ears down.

Step 3

Build height and volume at the crown by teasing hair gently with a fine-tooth comb.

Step 4

Gather hair into a low ponytail. Twist it along the nape of your neck, pinning as you go.

Step 5

Once you reach your ear, shape the remaining hair into curls, and pin them back over the twist.

Step 6

Spray the hair with hairspray and shape bang area with hand. Give yourself a one last good spray and you're good to go with your holiday hair!

Give it a try!

Recent Happenings

The Morgan Ashley team has been busy lately!  Amber had her sweet baby Nolan;  Evan gets married next weekend; Alison's baby Hollis has his first birthday Sunday. We had our first annual"BLOWOUT Cancer" Event yesterday; Tonight is the Arthritis Foundation's "BONE BASH" which we are attending and support our sweet Kayla; Monday we have our day at the lovelady center where we will cut hair for the women there.  Ok, do you think we are just a little busy?

I just want to say that it is a great honor to know all the ladies on the Morgan Ashley team.  I don't think you could go anywhere and find so many quality people.  They are so dear to me!  Thank you all for what you give and how you serve and support other.  I love you all!

all photos are by the marvelous joanna (in the purple)

Love you girlies!!


 This month is official Breast Cancer Awareness month.  In honor of that, we are going to have an event at the salon to raise money and awareness for the Lori Johnson Foundation.  The event will be a ton of fun.  On October the 27th (wednesday) we will have complementary blow-outs(styles) to offer clients.  In return we are asking our clients to donate to this wonderful cause. 

We are always asking ourselves what we can do to give back.  I know that I talk to people all the time that want to give, but they do not know how.  We just thought this would be a fun,simple and effective way to give and remember others. 

Call the salon at 205.995.2480 to book for the BLOWOUT CANCER event. 

Cooler Weather: BETTER HAIR

So, as we are FINALLY getting cooler weather(except for this weekend, whats with that?), I am feeling the inspiration of fresh colors.  Ok, a quick exercise: categorize yourself into one of these areas and then get ready for the craving of a new color for your locks. blonde, dark blonde, red, brunette.
Now choose your favorite look from pictures below.... and make sure if you a leaning towards something cool toned you have the skin and eyes for it(blue or blue-green are best with really cool tones), and if you have warm features(brown, hazel or green eyes, freckles, etc) go with warm tones like reds and chestnut browns.  If you have a mixture of features, warm and cool, then get a friend to help by holding blues and silvers(cool tones) and oranges and golds (warm tones) see which works best for you.

All of these colors could be slight changes, or more dramatic(like a blonde to brunette or vice versa).  Check out the trends.  Blondes are getting more beige on the top rather than underneath.  Brunettes are keeping the dark super shiny with a color gloss and then adding a slight caramel accent color from underneath.  This creates interest without the hair looking too crazy.  Natural looks are very in.  Each one of these colors makes me want to color my hair just like theirs....HOWEVER, I will not except for maybe the redhead Isla Fischer.  I can't stray too far from red :) And personally, I do not think that people look better when you can tell their color is fake.  It just looks fake and you cannot see the person if the hair is too loud--thats just a little of my opinion though. Anyways, here are a few of my absolute favorite color trends:  HAPPY FALL!


(photo courtesy of Joanna Balentine for Morgan Ashley Studio Salon).

lucky magazinelucky magazine

lucky magazine
lucky magazine

lucky magazine             

Glamour Magazine page 306

Picture from Glamour

So, here it is, the hair that Morgan Ashley Studio Salon did.  It is in a national publication.  It is a really cool feeling to be able to be in a national publication.  These girls were lovely, and the story, heart-felt.  Thanks Glamour, Celine, and Claire and Mallie for letting me be a part of this.

Another lovely day

Hello!!  I have been a bit under the weather lately and have not had a chance to blog.  Some things to update you... First of all, our last model for the salon photo project:

Isn't this gorgeous?!  Jenna was our last model, and Joanna did her hair.  I think it looks so feminine and romantic, definitely a look for love. Great job Jenna.  Great job Joanna.  The finished product from the shoots should be finished shortly.  Can't wait to post it!!

our latest shoot

This is our latest shoot with Claire.  Thank you so much to all of our models! This is such a fun project. I am thoroughly enjoying all of Joanna's amazing pictures!  What we did with Claire... we cut her hair about 4 inches, did a double process color, and then set her hair with a barrel curls set with a curling iron.

More of our work

Another shot of a recent shoot... this is Amy working her magic :)

Update on our salon family

This is the season for changes.  It is really a fun time for all of us at Morgan Ashley.  In May Joanna and Emily had their weddings, and that started us on the wedding train.  Now Evan is engaged(congratulations!!) and Siham's daughter is engaged(woohoo).  Megan is engaged and getting married next month :).   We have Amanda Rose moving this Friday to start a ministry training school(we are all very sad), and Shelley is starting school at UAB (so proud of her), and Amber is pregnant and due at the beginning of October. 

We are all really loving experiencing life with one another.  Change is happening all around us all the time.  It is really a precious thing to cheer one another on during life changes and experiences.  I love the Morgan Ashley family!


Last Wednesday we had a awesome class that introduced us to two amazing new options for someone who might want a temperary change in their hair.  The first product we learned about was like a "lip gloss" for hair.  It keeps the color the same level, for instance, if you are a light blonde, but you have a gold cast to your hair, it can change it from gold to beige.  Or if you are a light brown that is ashy, you can get a light brown that is rich.  It is temporary, lasting about 5-8 shampoos, but if you do not want to commit to a permanent change, it is PERFECT!!!  I am a redhead, and I will probably do a more brunette gloss on my hair, just to try out for the next couple of weeks.  Change is so fun!! 

The second amazing product we learned about is a texture product.  It can cause your hair to become silkier or more rough(like at the root for more volume). You can also do a combination of the two: rough roots with silky ends.  It is so much fun.  All you need is 30 minutes added to your appointment time!

Call to book an appointment!!!  205-995-2480

Salon Photo Project

Here is a sneak peak at our salon project. One of our talented stylists (Joanna) is heading up the project.  She did this models hair and photos. All of us from the salon will be involved in this project.  We are intensely excited about it!  Let us know what you think...

Glamour Magazine Photo Shoot

    We have been so privileged to do hair for the October 2010 Real Stories in Glamour Magazine.  The shoot was Tuesday(7/27), and it was seriously the hottest day of the year.  The piece is on two of Natalie Holloway's closest friends.  They are really precious girls.  The past couple of years the girls have really changed their lives to be able to make a difference in others' lives.  They both feel called to become counselors for drug and alcohol abuse.  These two girls are very special, and it was so much fun working with them and their natural beauty.
   On the hair side of things, the day was intensely humid, and both girls had natural curl.  So... taming the frizz was key.  Bb Straight and Thickening Spray were the products of choice.  After smoothing it out, it was curled with a curling iron.  One of the girls had rougher waves, and the other more ringlet.  I had Bb Brilliantine on hand to lather into the ends as the humidity tried to unravel the hair.  It was so much fun to work on a shoot.  The photographers, Mark and Sarah, were so great.  They did an excellent job, and they are married ...and worked flawlessly with one another.  It was really sweet.  Then there was Rachel, the clothes stylist, and she was so talented.  She literally chose some of the cutest clothes ever seen!  This fall's fashion is so beautiful.  A great blend of masculine and feminine.  I love it!  Then there was Celine. She did the makeup.  She is so talented as well. Natural looks on two natural beauties.  When I say the crew was exceptional, I really mean it!  I am so thankful to be a part of this real story shoot.  It was a fun experience.  Check out some of the other Real stories, they are so inspiring.   Please check out the October 2010 edition of Glamour!  WE DID THE HAIR!!  Woop woop :)

Fall Preview

The 3 postings below are links to some beautiful hair possibilities for fall.  There is sort of an undone look that is very appealing for this fall.  If you notice, only one of the three doesn't have flyaways.  It gives a natural feel.  And, it is fairly easy to do!

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Best Runway Hair - Fall Fashion Week 2010 New York

Back and Inspired

We are back from our salon-wide vacation!  We are rested and inspired!  We also have an amazing special going on.  IT'S THE FAB FOUR. When you purchase 2 of the four, you get a FREE travel size Creme de Coco Shampoo AND Conditioner!! That is a great deal!!!!
    So, the products enlisted in the FAB FOUR are...

Grooming cream (AKA: "magic" cream)
Surf Spray (AKA: "perfect beach hair with volume" spray)
Styling Lotions (AKA: "never have damaged long hair again" spray)
Styling Cream(AKA: "voluminous, perfect blow-out" cream). 

I am telling you, these products are the best!!  Come by and play with some at our interactive station. Someone can prescribe the best cocktail for your hair. 

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

Summer Weddings: what to do???

What's "up" for summer??

If you haven't noticed already, I am a bit obsessed with up styles.  There are so many options!!  It also gives variety to long hair.  I don't know about you, but living in the deeeep South in the Summer gives me a heat stroke to even think about.  Now 98 degrees and 90 percent humidity is reality and hair flowing down my back is not even about to happen!  Instyle just came out with their wonderful hair issue.  So, here are a few of my fave pretty 'do's:

This fun swept-up-'do is actually really easy to achieve.  
Start with naturally air-dried hair with a little Bumble and bumble
Surf-spray sprayed into it.  Then make a side part. Section off a triangle in the 
front(even if you have bangs) and make it into a little braid.  
Use a bobby pinto secure the ends of the little braid.  
Then pull the rest of your hair into a low pony.
  Divide your pony into 2 sections and twist each section.  
Then twist them around each other and secure bun with bobby pins.
Take the braid and bobby pin it into the rest of your hair.  
Try to tuck the bobby pin under a loose piece of hair to disguise it.
Voila! Messy braid updo worthy of a Summer party.

The second two looks are a bit easier to achieve.  Fishtail braid on Leona pulled to the side, and 
for Jessica, again, use that Bb Surf Spray, and scrunch.  
Tease hair in the crown area.  
Then decide on your part(side or middle) and section and part a triangle. 
(It should be about 2 inches from the front center of your hairline to the middle of your head.)
Leave this section out to frame face.  
Then sweep the rest back into a middle pony.  
If you need to polish the curl, use a 1"-1 1/2" curling iron on the section around face. 
This is a great look for daytime or evening.  
For a daytime look, keep makeup light and fresh using neutral peachy colors.  
For evening, bolden it up a little by adding EITHER(not both) darker or brighter lips, or a smokey eye.

(all images via

INOA color...a possibility

Loreal just came out with a new color line that is ammonia free and very gentle on the scalp and hair.  The technology in this new hair color uses lipids to put the color into the hair, therefore creating shinier, healthier hair.  This is a color that we are considering for Morgan Ashley.  Visit the website and let us know what you think. We love to hear our clients opinions!!!

Glam Hair? Yes, Please.

So, we had a glam hair class a couple of weeks ago, and I am so excited!!  The newest look for brides or any type of formal hair is this 40's style glamour hair.  Here are a few of our lovely models sporting this great look.

To achieve this soft curl look, use a curling iron around 1" in size.  Make barrel curls and pin the curl with a bobby pin or two.  Do this all over your head, it will look similar to having a head full of hot rollers, but without the roller.  Wait for the hair to cool, then take it down and brush it out.  Use Bumble and bumble's Spray de Mode as the hairspray to set the look, and then Bumble and bumble's brilliantine to polish it into place.  So. Much. Fun!

Summer looks:2010,,20051412_20045522_20081346,00.html

This summer try a side braid!  It is a fun way for long hair to be a little different.  Pull hair over to side opposite your part, then braid it over your shoulder.  Tie it off with a ponytail holder, then for a messy look, pull on different parts of the braid.  It is fun and undone.  A really fun look would be to wear this fun side braid along with this little get-up from's a sure win!!
I do love this model's long even bob many options!!


This weekend we get to celebrate the marriage of the beautiful and talented Miss Joanna. She joined our team all the way from Arizona! She is full of talent too!

Next weekend we get to celebrate the marriage of our precious Emily. She does so much for our team and is a truly wonderful person to know!

It is so fun to get to be a part of this huge life event with one another. It just makes life so enjoyable! Congratulations girls!!!

This Week at Morgan Ashley

This week at the salon we have a few highlights:

*Monday- Shower for Emily who is gettin hitched in a couple of weeks!!!
*Tuesday- Lunch and learn with a new color that is "green" and ammonia free... translated this means that it is good for the environment and your head.

*Wednesday- Old Hollywood Glam hair- this is the current trend in formal hairstyles. (Pics are coming soon from the class). All of the styles were fabulous! Thank you beautiful models! You know who you are!

*And last but not least...our current shoe obsession:

Hi, my name is Morgan

So, I want to thank Jessica for maintaining the Morgan Ashley website and BLOG. She has been wonderful. I (Morgan) will actually be blogging on behalf of the salon now. I hope I can do as good of a job as the talented Jessica :)

I want to give a little salon history, and really kind of "put myself out there." I started Morgan Ashley Studio Salon in 2005. It was actually April 1, 2005. (April fools day). I worked at a little location of 1100 square feet, the decor was shabby chic from top to bottom, and I started it all by my lonesome. I remember thinking that day that I was excited, but really wasn't sure what in the world I was getting myself into. I turned 22 the December before, and I really felt God put the whole idea of a salon business in my heart. You see, my heart of hearts was to be on the mission field in another country,but God had other ideas. I followed Him, even though at the time I believe I was looked at as crazy. I did know that I could trust Him, because He has always been faithful.

I worked a full year doing hair by myself. There were many days when I felt really lonely and honestly I was discouraged. BUT, right around the year mark of owning the salon a lovely lady came to visit and "check the place out." Her name was Alison (love you Ali). She started with me that July after she moved back to Birmingham from Florida. So, we officially had two hairstylists. That was a fun year. A slow, but steady, year filled with great conversations and more and more new clients.

2007 rolled around, and Alison and I were working hard. Then came along a couple more girls. We had our first official receptionist (Crystal) and another stylist (Kim). We were growing, and trying to figure out how to operate such a large salon...(kidding). Then one night I went up to the salon to pray and ask the Lord what to do. My lease would expire in about 9 months, and I didn't know if I was supposed to resign or start looking at new spaces or even if I was supposed to close the doors and trust that He had me in that season for a reason. So, the next day, fateful as it was, Evan(a good friend from church) brought Shelley to the salon. Long story short, I adopted Evan, Amy, Emily, Siham, Melissa, Laura, Paula, and Jessica as new stylists in a matter of 3 weeks. So, I guess my prayer as to what to do was answered. Since

Since I adopted the new crew, we have moved to a 2700 square foot location and have 10 stations, 14 stylists, a salon manager, front desk manager, receptionist, and 3 techs. It is now May, 2010. I am taking on a role of instructor/manager in the salon instead of taking appointments. God has been so faithful to provide such amazing employees and clients. I am seriously overjoyed when I think of all of the wonderful people that He has brought into my life through way of Morgan Ashley Studio Salon. I am excited to see the months and years to come. Cheers!

Morgan Ashley Studio Salon has an action packed weekend in Atlanta planned between the fashion show and workshops we will be attending. All stylist will be present for this event in order to continue offering you the best services in hair care while also teaching you how to recreate the look at home.


We are thrilled to introduce Bumble and bumble Wear and Care, the new line of advanced treatment formulas. Two new families, Mending, for the truly damaged, and Quenching, for the terribly thirsty, will empower you to continue your dedication to the changing colors and textures of fashion, while caring for your hair. Each family consists of a shampoo, conditioner, complex and masque.

The product developers worked tirelessly with Bb.Stylists and Colorists on developing breakthrough formulas to make them the very best care for hair. We are ecstatic about the formula advancements we've made and the enthusiastic response we've received from clients!  Next time you're in the Salon, ask your stylist about Wear and Care!


Ashley joined the Morgan Ashley family months back and we are thrilled to have her as one of our new receptionist.  She has just been rocking at the front desk and has outstanding customer services skills.  As you know, our receptionists jobs are not the easiest.  Their job descriptions go way past booking appointments.  From checking messages, opening and closing the salon, to putting up with 12 plus hairstylist and everything in between, it can definitely be tough some days.  Even so, Ashley somehow manages to consistently keep up in this fast paced industry with a smile on her face.  We love you Ashley!


Morgan Ashley now has a way for you to bring a part of us home with you in a different way besides the obvious...(gorgeous hair and awesome bumble products).  We are now selling our super soft signature logo t-shirts!  We are loving them and you will probably be seeing our staff wearing them a lot.


We are so excited to have added Megan as a member of our staff!  She is hard working, talented and just a beautiful girl from the inside out.  We are expecting great things from her, so let's welcome her to the Salon! Stay tuned for her photo to be added to our staff gallery.


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