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This is our latest shoot with Claire.  Thank you so much to all of our models! This is such a fun project. I am thoroughly enjoying all of Joanna's amazing pictures!  What we did with Claire... we cut her hair about 4 inches, did a double process color, and then set her hair with a barrel curls set with a curling iron.

More of our work

Another shot of a recent shoot... this is Amy working her magic :)

Update on our salon family

This is the season for changes.  It is really a fun time for all of us at Morgan Ashley.  In May Joanna and Emily had their weddings, and that started us on the wedding train.  Now Evan is engaged(congratulations!!) and Siham's daughter is engaged(woohoo).  Megan is engaged and getting married next month :).   We have Amanda Rose moving this Friday to start a ministry training school(we are all very sad), and Shelley is starting school at UAB (so proud of her), and Amber is pregnant and due at the beginning of October. 

We are all really loving experiencing life with one another.  Change is happening all around us all the time.  It is really a precious thing to cheer one another on during life changes and experiences.  I love the Morgan Ashley family!


Last Wednesday we had a awesome class that introduced us to two amazing new options for someone who might want a temperary change in their hair.  The first product we learned about was like a "lip gloss" for hair.  It keeps the color the same level, for instance, if you are a light blonde, but you have a gold cast to your hair, it can change it from gold to beige.  Or if you are a light brown that is ashy, you can get a light brown that is rich.  It is temporary, lasting about 5-8 shampoos, but if you do not want to commit to a permanent change, it is PERFECT!!!  I am a redhead, and I will probably do a more brunette gloss on my hair, just to try out for the next couple of weeks.  Change is so fun!! 

The second amazing product we learned about is a texture product.  It can cause your hair to become silkier or more rough(like at the root for more volume). You can also do a combination of the two: rough roots with silky ends.  It is so much fun.  All you need is 30 minutes added to your appointment time!

Call to book an appointment!!!  205-995-2480

Salon Photo Project

Here is a sneak peak at our salon project. One of our talented stylists (Joanna) is heading up the project.  She did this models hair and photos. All of us from the salon will be involved in this project.  We are intensely excited about it!  Let us know what you think...


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