Summer Weddings: what to do???

What's "up" for summer??

If you haven't noticed already, I am a bit obsessed with up styles.  There are so many options!!  It also gives variety to long hair.  I don't know about you, but living in the deeeep South in the Summer gives me a heat stroke to even think about.  Now 98 degrees and 90 percent humidity is reality and hair flowing down my back is not even about to happen!  Instyle just came out with their wonderful hair issue.  So, here are a few of my fave pretty 'do's:

This fun swept-up-'do is actually really easy to achieve.  
Start with naturally air-dried hair with a little Bumble and bumble
Surf-spray sprayed into it.  Then make a side part. Section off a triangle in the 
front(even if you have bangs) and make it into a little braid.  
Use a bobby pinto secure the ends of the little braid.  
Then pull the rest of your hair into a low pony.
  Divide your pony into 2 sections and twist each section.  
Then twist them around each other and secure bun with bobby pins.
Take the braid and bobby pin it into the rest of your hair.  
Try to tuck the bobby pin under a loose piece of hair to disguise it.
Voila! Messy braid updo worthy of a Summer party.

The second two looks are a bit easier to achieve.  Fishtail braid on Leona pulled to the side, and 
for Jessica, again, use that Bb Surf Spray, and scrunch.  
Tease hair in the crown area.  
Then decide on your part(side or middle) and section and part a triangle. 
(It should be about 2 inches from the front center of your hairline to the middle of your head.)
Leave this section out to frame face.  
Then sweep the rest back into a middle pony.  
If you need to polish the curl, use a 1"-1 1/2" curling iron on the section around face. 
This is a great look for daytime or evening.  
For a daytime look, keep makeup light and fresh using neutral peachy colors.  
For evening, bolden it up a little by adding EITHER(not both) darker or brighter lips, or a smokey eye.

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INOA color...a possibility

Loreal just came out with a new color line that is ammonia free and very gentle on the scalp and hair.  The technology in this new hair color uses lipids to put the color into the hair, therefore creating shinier, healthier hair.  This is a color that we are considering for Morgan Ashley.  Visit the website and let us know what you think. We love to hear our clients opinions!!!

Glam Hair? Yes, Please.

So, we had a glam hair class a couple of weeks ago, and I am so excited!!  The newest look for brides or any type of formal hair is this 40's style glamour hair.  Here are a few of our lovely models sporting this great look.

To achieve this soft curl look, use a curling iron around 1" in size.  Make barrel curls and pin the curl with a bobby pin or two.  Do this all over your head, it will look similar to having a head full of hot rollers, but without the roller.  Wait for the hair to cool, then take it down and brush it out.  Use Bumble and bumble's Spray de Mode as the hairspray to set the look, and then Bumble and bumble's brilliantine to polish it into place.  So. Much. Fun!


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