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It surprises me to know how many of our clients don't know how to tease their own hair...Without teasing life would be a waste. Just kidding, life wouldn't be a waste, but it would be close to it. Flat hair is MISERABLE. Flat hair is a jerk. Flat hair is not pretty. Flat hair is rude. But teasing...oh my sweet teasing...teasing is a little white lie kinda. Teasing is a sweet little trick that can help those with thin hair/or a small head. (But please don't take advantage of Teasing, Snookie did, and look where it got her) 
Anyways, If you've always wanted to know the tricks of teasing, here is a little tutorial we put up for this week's How to!
What you'll need: VERY IMPORTANT- A Fine tooth comb. Flat hair. and Lot's of hairspray.
The steps
The Beautiful Megan and the results! Thank you Megan for letting us use your hair!

have a wonderful weekend :)



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